SARMs – The New Form of Chemical Enhancement

Bodybuilding isn’t a piece of cake. It takes months of consistent training and fitness routine to build those muscles. For many, they think bodybuilding has to do with working out alone. While you can’t rule out the importance of exercise completely, it is true that diet also plays a critical role.

For this reason, many people tend to take anabolic steroids for building muscle faster. Besides steroids, there is another drug that helps you get in shape and build your muscles, with no severe side effects. That powerful drug is SARM.

If you’ve been lurking around bodybuilding forums in recent years, chances are you’ve seen a new bodybuilding drug. Selective androgen receptor modulators, SARMs for short, are taking the world of bodybuilding by storm. Due to the many benefits they offer, SARMs are fast becoming a perfect alternative to anabolic steroids. But because it’s a relatively new chemical enhancement drug, you most likely have a few questions in mind? This post will provide answers to some of your questions.

When taken correctly and just as directed, SARMs products such as ligandrol and ostarine can offer a wide range of health benefits. It increases your strength, helps build your muscle and enhances your performance level, among other things. The good thing about this chemical enhancement drug is that it has none of the severe side-effects that steroids tend to have.

But First… What is SARMs?

SARMs are synthetically produced supplements that help in muscle building and performance enhancement.

SARMs have been around for quite a long time than you’d have earlier thought. The drug was first discovered in the 1940s by pharmaceutical companies. Initially, these drugs were intended for treating cancer, osteoporosis and other health conditions. These were known as steroidal SARMs.

Unfortunately, these drugs had a lot of negative side effects such as low libido, gynecomastia, liver damage, hair loss and heart disease, just to name a few. As a result, doctors had to stop prescribing the drugs and take them off the market.

A few decades later, scientists can up with a new form of these drugs known as non-steroidal SARMs. Due to the great component of these substances, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders were able to see the significant result in their bodybuilding endeavors without almost no side effects.

SARMs Product

There are many different types of SARMs products on the market today. Here are some of the most effective ones


Ostarine is one of the most effective SARMs product used for muscle building and prevents muscle wasting. No doubt, you get the same result as when you use anabolic steroids, but it works in a different fashion. Most notably, with Ostarine you can don’t have to deal with the adverse side effects of steroids. This product, when taken correctly, targets androgen receptors but it does not convert into estrogen.

How Does Ostarine Work?

Ostarine was designed to help in preventing muscle and bone wasting. Since it affects only the skeletal muscle, Ostarine has proven to be indispensable for bodybuilding.

Muscle Building

Not only does Ostarine helps in muscle building but it also helps users gain lean muscle mass. If you’re looking to cut body fat, Ostarine comes in handy. The best thing about Ostarine is that weight gains are much better when compared to the ones you get from steroids. Unlike steroids, Ostarine ensures you gain lean muscle. Steroids have a bad reputation for causing water retention. Another problem that most steroid users face which you likely don’t see with Ostarine users is gynaecomastia – fat gains in the lower part of the chest. Also, results you get from using Ostarine are much easier to maintain.

Weight Loss

Besides muscle building, Ostarine can help with your weight loss goal. While dieting can help in cutting excess fat, it also results in muscle loss. Gaining muscle mass is never an easy task and it takes a lot of time and hard work to gain the littlest muscle mass. Unlike dieting, Ostarine helps you burn fat without affecting your muscle mass.

How to Use Ostarine

Take this drug orally, either as pills or as a solution. If taken as pills, then the recommended dose is one per day. If you don’t see any significant improvement by taking one dose per day, you can increase the dose. It should be taken daily for four weeks.


Ligandrol is a workout supplement that has been widely praised from both far and near for its immense benefits. Ligandrol is considered a perfect alternative to steroids and is highly effective for bulking and cutting.

The recommended dosage is 10mg per day. Continuous intake for a month will result in a stack of at least 5 pounds of lean mass. Ligandrol has gained popularity for its muscle building capability. When compared to other SARMs product, Ligandrol is perhaps the most effective.

The Way Ligandrol Works

Ligandrol works in the same fashion as Ostarine in the sense that it targets androgen receptors found in the muscles. This is why it’s called ‘selective’. Ligandrol is used to prevent wasted muscle. Some of the causes of these health conditions are linked to aging, cancer and other diseases.  If you’re looking to improve performance and gain lean muscle mass, then Ligandrol is the performance enhancement drug to go for.


The recommended dosage is between 5 – 10 mg daily. The cycle should last 6 – 12 weeks and then you stop intake for a few weeks to recover. For first-timers, it’s suggested you start with the least dosage and increase your intake a few weeks later, only if you do not see significant improvement.

If taken as prescribed, users will see about 1 to 1.5 pounds in a week. To achieve this, you need to be mindful of your diet so as not to undermine the effectiveness of the drug.  Ligandrol and other SARMs products could be considered a legal alternative to steroids and seem to give the same result when it comes to performance improvement and building muscle.

Final Thoughts

The fact that SARMs don’t have the common negative effects associated with steroids makes it an ideal alternative. It can be used by athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It’s hard to find performance enhancement drugs that offer as many benefits as SARMs. Take SARMs if you want to build those muscles.